I have always had a passion for writing and loved making up stories to tell to my three children when they were young. Unfortunately a busy lifestyle, working in education, curtailed my writing ambitions.

My love of writing was reignited after retirement, when the next generation of children appeared. I started inventing stories for my grandchildren, making up funny adventures to make them laugh and was encouraged by their enthusiastic response.

I believe that childhood is such a short, precious time in everyone’s lives. Every child should be encouraged to explore its imagination to the wildest possible extreme, before the reality and responsibility of adulthood encroach. What better way than through fantasy fiction.



Three children travel on an unexpected holiday to visit their family at Somewhere, a village in Yorkshire. When they arrive, life there is not what it seems!

They are fascinated by the locals, who seem to live in the past and keep strange rules and customs. In this wonderful fantasy world, where folk own exotic pets, our trio find themselves drawn into thrilling adventures, that are beyond their wildest imaginings.

What is it that makes Somewhere such an exciting and enchanting place to live? Immerse yourself in the hilarious and gripping exploits of our three heroes and feel their sadness and joy when their holiday finally comes to an end.

Listen below to an interview broadcast by “The Author’s Show” which gives an insight into how the book was developed.



Children’s artwork inspired by the characters from the book.


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